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Ever since the official announcement back in November, I've been in a perpetual state of anticipation for Kane & Lynch 2 and many Game Rant regulars already know my thoughts on the game - but what about the thoughts of design studio IO Interactive?

The developer has put out two behind the scenes videos, detailing the Kane & Lynch 2 design philosophy as well as an overview of the two title characters. Even if you're not interested in solely listening to the developers, there's plenty of new gameplay footage available in these clips to make it worth your while.

Don't forget, there's some mature content in the videos, so behave accordingly.

The first video, detailing Kane & Lynch 2's design, with regard to gameplay and artwork, talks about the studio's interest in producing a title with loads of intensity and non stop action - basically a "sweaty-palm" experience.

Even more interesting is the inclusion of the "shaky-cam" approach to the camera system - also featured in the game's artwork. The distortion, visual tear, and bleeding all contribute to an atmosphere befitting of a hapless camera-guy following around two psychotic individuals - as they make thier way around Shanghai.

Lastly, IO Interactive talks about the numerous improvements in the sequel - improvements that stemmed from fans complains about the original title. Ironically, the complaints had to do with things that you often take for granted in most shooters nowadays - such as aiming, the cover system, and AI.


The second video talks about the dynamics between the titular characters, Kane and Lynch. While both are criminals, the differences between the two offers great dramatic potential - one is really crazy (Lynch) and the other is only marginally crazy (Kane). The story starts with Lynch as somewhat-calm (while on his medication) because he's got someone in his life that he cares about - until that someone is taken away.

Kane, as it just so happens, ends up reluctantly coming along for the ride. If I were Lynch, I'd certainly want Kane around - no matter how bad the situation could get, cloudy-eyed Kane could come to the rescue with his level head and mercenary training.


The developers hit the nail on the head with my interest in the game. It's two guys who are cast into situations they are hardly equipped to handle - adding a nice depth to the characters as they progress through the story.

Seems like IO Interactive is much more focused on using the characters to drive the story - through their disparate viewpoints and situations. I'm genuinely curious as to how the story will unfold - and what will happen to the duo.

If still aren't as enthusiastic about Kane and Lynch 2 as I am, make sure to check out the demo - or, if you're short on time, the latest trailer.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be responsible for the destruction of a large part of virtual Shanghai on August 17, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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