A mass of Pokemon GO gamers out to catch a Gyarados were so focused on the application that they didn’t notice when Justin Bieber joined in on the hunt.

Now that Pokemon GO has released in Canada, gamers north of the border who didn’t find earlier workarounds to access the game have finally been able to join in on the fun. After some additional downtime as the Niantic servers failed to cope with the additional workload, it’s been completely smooth sailing for Canadian Pokemon GO players – and, as it turns out, even canucks travelling south of the border have joined in on the festivities.

It’s safe to say that when Justin Bieber appears in public, he’s usually the center of attention and quickly surrounded by fans and paparazzi. The love-him-or-hate-him pop icon showed up out of the blue last night amidst a group of trainers in Central Park to join in on the hunt for a rare Gyarados, reportedly with six bodyguards in tow. On this occasion, however, they weren’t needed: Gamers were so preoccupied with catching the Gyarados that Justin Bieber and his security entourage were left alone.

One lone user seemed to recognize the celebrity, who blended in with the phone-toting trainers. This lone man proceeding to take the below photograph, but then seems to have let the star resume his not-so incognito Pokemon hunting:

Justin Bieber Pokemon Go Hunt

Though many celebrities are avid gamers, it’s quite unusual for a mass of people to be so focused on a game that nobody realizes a celebrity was standing among them. Thankfully for Bieber’s security entourage, this late-night gathering of gamers didn’t involve a crazy stampede – evidently, Gyarados doesn’t have the same kind of pull that Vaporeon does.

Bieber is playing at the Madison Square Garden for the next 2 days, and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear if a Bieber fan uses a lure in an bid to catch the singer for an autograph outside.

There’s already been plenty of crazy Pokemon GO stories, and we expect many more to come now that the game has launched in several more countries. With many celebrities already jumping on the Pokemon bandwagon, fans may as well get used to more celebrity appearances – or, if the rumors are true, some corporate tie-ins.

No word yet on if Justin Bieber caught one of those strange Canadian Pokemon we’ve been hearing about. We’ll keep you posted as more Pokemon GO news becomes available.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit