All Justin Bieber Wants For Christmas is You… And A 3DS.

What is essentially a four minute commercial for Macy's, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey, a new Christmas music video by Island Def Jam was released today for the holiday season. In it, the stars sing about the important things in life: family and loved ones (the presumed you in the song) and shopping — lots and lots of shopping.

While Mariah Carey poses in front of a fake brick wall and a very unrealistic street Santa passes out tickets that allow those lucky enough to stand outside of Macy's in the cold. Inside, Bieber and his friends take a reprieve from shopping in the empty department store for sneakers and pre-wrapped gifts to lose their minds at the designated Nintendo 3DS area.

They gasp, they take pictures, even taking a picture of the 3DS display with a 3DS. Let your brains wrap around that for a second. Whether they were aware it played games was unclear, but Bieber threw a couple in his cart anyway. He would have known if he read our December game guide.

It's hard to catch everything in the video, mostly due to Bieber’s pleather, fur lined Santa-esque getup being so distracting. Dudes just can't pull off Santa inspired costumes. Ladies can if they take the... more revealing route (kudos Mariah Carey), but I digress. Eventually they allow the crowd waiting patiently outside to come in, because they want them to buy stuff, which appears to be a real treat for them. They're probably just overjoyed at the thought of taking pictures with their 3DS.


After watching this commercial — ahem, music video, you leave with many questions: Was the irony of this song being sung in a Macy's intentional? Is Nintendo being smart with this promotional spot? Why doesn’t Mariah Carey age?

Questions, my dear readers, that perhaps only you can answer. Comment away!

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