Details & Screenshots From Cancelled 'Justice League' Video Game

Various members of the Justice League have been present within games in one form or another, such as cameo appearances or fully-fledged titles (Batman: Arkham City). However, a current-gen title based solely on the Justice League has never surfaced.

Still, a game based on a canned movie that was based on the comic-books-turned-TV-series was indeed in production and details, as well as screenshots for the canceled title has come to light.

Entitled The Justice LeagueDouble Helix was the developer behind a tie-in based on the canned Justice League film - which would have been directed by George Miller (Mad Max). Now, the game's art director and lead level artist, Jon Gwyn, has revealed details and screenshots on the title - via his personal portfolio site - before he swiftly password-locked the source.

Joystiq, however, managed to obtain the details before Gwyn locked the assets and information.

Warner Bros. scrapped the Justice League movie over budgetary concerns and, after the it's cancellation, The Justice League game continued in development for two years - before also getting shut down itself. Gwyn touted the project as a "third-person brawler" that featured a versus mode - where characters battle it out within an arena. Although details are scarce on the game tie-in, the images showcase various fan-favorite superhero locations - including Gotham and Metropolis.

Although the game was canned, Gwyn confirmed Double Helix "was brought onto another superhero project" - which turned out to be the ill-fated Green Lantern game (released alongside the feature film in June, 2011). That said, despite the two games striking similarities, assets stemming from The Justice League were not utilized within the Green Lantern title.

As mentioned, Gwyn, who is currently working with Rockstar at their San Diego studio as a senior artist on a "confidential AAA title," decided to password lock the assets for The Justice League. However, ShogunGamer managed to retrieve them before they were removed from public viewing.

Check out the images below:

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Ranters, judging by the details and screenshots showcased above, would you have been intrigued in playing The Justice League?


Sources: Joystiq & ShogunGamer

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