Here's Why Ubisoft is Releasing a Game on Nintendo Wii

Ubisoft Just Dance 2020 Nintendo Wii reason

A viral thread posted to Twitter explains why Ubisoft has just announced a new game for the Nintendo Wii. Many were left scratching their heads by Ubisoft's decision to release a game on a console that was first released more than a decade ago and officially ended production in 2013.

On Twitter, some began to question why Ubisoft is bringing Just Dance 2020 to the Nintendo Wii. The console may no longer be in production but Twitter user alienaishas explains that it's because the Just Dance series has a very large demographic of Wii users. Many hospitals and rehabilitation centers use Just Dance on Nintendo Wii to "help patients who have limited mobility due to accident or illness build up strength and muscle tone," said the user. The hospitals who have purchased these Nintendo Wii consoles did so for Just Dance and still use the consoles now.

The tweet from alienaishas quickly went viral and has more than 24,000 retweets and more than 75,000 likes. Responses to the user's tweet explained Ubisoft's surprise announcement more, with one user saying that schools also use Nintendo Wii consoles and Just Dance to hold physical education classes for disabled students or students with limited mobility. A former employee of troubled retailer GameStop also confirmed that Just Dance games on Wii sell "really well" and that the Wii versions often outsold the versions on other platforms.

Ubisoft's announcement of Just Dance 2020 for the Nintendo Wii was one of the more surprising announcements from the company's press conference, whether it intended it to be a surprise or not. The announcement of Watch Dogs Legion came as little surprise, as did the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild style RPG Gods and Monsters as these had leaked before the press conference.

The surprise is why so many people were prepared to make memes and jokes about Ubisoft supporting the Nintendo Wii and it was one of these tweets that prompted alienaishas to post that explanation. Responses to the explanation thread are of fans saying that Ubisoft's Wii announcement just became one of the more wholesome moments of E3 2019. This is up there with Ghostwire: Tokyo developer Ikumi Nakamura's presentation or Jon Bernthal's sleepy dog, another highlight of the Ubisoft press conference. Ubisoft may be releasing Just Dance 2020 on the Nintendo Wii to make money, but it seems to have earned the company some goodwill from fans too.

Just Dance 2020 is releasing November 5, 2019 for PS4, Switch, Wii, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version in development as well.

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