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Despite the ambitious nature of the stunts involved with the property, Hollywood is still plugging along with its adaptation of Square Enix's Just Cause series. Much like Tomb Raider and Hitman before it, Just Cause's adaptation was announced long before any traction was made with the project, but now a script is out there, and apparently it's pretty good.

Some of the mainstays of Just Cause have centered on protagonist Rico Rodriguez penchant for daring feats of aerial hijacking. With the assistance of his trusty grappling hook and supernatural parachute, Rico can hijack any vehicle, be it in the land, the sea, or the air, and dispose of it as quickly as he took it.

According to the script review from Latino Review all of those elements that make Just Cause are there in Just Cause: Scorpion Rising, but it seems like this is more of an origin story than anything else. That means Rico doesn't start off with the grappling hook, and the plot doesn't revolve around him overthrowing some evil political regime in a fictional South American locale.

Just Cause: Scorpion Rising sees Rico trotting across the globe, trying to catch the game's villain, all the while executing some of the ridiculous stunts that the series is known for. Based on Latino Review's summary, which you can check out here, it appears like the script takes some liberties in adapting Just Cause, but preserves the high-octane action.

One of the most interesting parts of the script is an explanation for why Rico is nicknamed the Scorpion. It's a clever little throwaway scene, but it definitely feels perfect cons

There's still a ton more leg work to be done before this Just Cause film gets off the ground, but based on the script it seems like the project is headed in the right direction. If nothing else, props to the screenwriters for capturing the insane action set pieces that make Just Cause what it is. Hopefully fans and gamers alike will hear more about this film in the near future.

What are your hopes for a Just Cause film adaptation? What is the one key piece of the video games that must be translated into film for it to be successful?

Source: Latino Review


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