'Just Cause' Film Rights Purchased, Set to Cause Dissension On the Big Screen

Just Cause 2

Video game movies. Since the unfortunate debacle that was Super Mario Bros., an understandable stigma has been attached to the idea of adapting a video game property into a feature film. Many have tried to prove themselves as exceptions to the rule but, for the most part, instead have ended up adding their name to the list of victims. You can say that video game movies are impossible, but Hollywood isn’t sold just yet as a new property has been optioned for a film and a writer has been tasked with penning the script.

Fans of the open-world sandbox game are probably pretty familiar with the Just Cause property with its over-the-top game mechanics and incredible locales. While the game doesn’t exactly scream viable film potential, the destruction and mayhem associated with the title could make for some original action scenes. With Michael Ross, writer of the jungle friendly Turistas, behind the script and L+E Productions making the film happen, expect a film that will most likely proving the rule not existing as the exception.

For those unfamiliar with the game, the plot of the Just Cause games revolves around the one-man-army antics of CIA Black Ops agent Rico Rodriguez. In order to protect the interests of the world, Rodriguez is planted into a foreign country and uses a variety of means to cause dissension. It isn’t exactly the most original of stories but the gameplay is really the meat of the property.

I'll reserve final judgment until seeing the film, but as video game movies go the most successful are usually the ones drawn from popular franchises. Seeing as how Just Cause 1 and 2 flew under many people’s radar despite mostly positive reviews, one could predict that there isn’t as large of an audience for the film. If the people behind the film can perhaps create a something that accurately captures the impossible grappling hook and parachute combination that makes the property so much fun then they might have a winner on their hands. So early on it’s hard to know if we will even see a Just Cause film but stay tuned to Game Rant if more news develops.

What do you think of Just Cause as a viable film property? Is there any actor you would like to see assume the role of Rico?

Source: Variety (via ScreenRant)

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