Just Cause 4 Trailer Reveals Release Date at E3 2018

just cause 4 trailer e3 2018

Microsoft boldly showed off dozens of games during its E3 conference today, including a number of brand new games. Among them was Just Cause 4, showing up ahead of the planned Square Enix press conference. The long-awaited sequel now has an official release date, coming to both Sony and Microsoft's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC, on December 4th.

Fans of the Just Cause series were likely made aware that a sequel was coming, as a Just Cause 4 sale promotion was leaked by Valve's digital distribution Steam just hours before it was secretly scheduled to be revealed at E3. Promotional screenshots have also been making their way across the internet, but that only showed a brief taste of the stunning visuals seen in the gameplay trailer below.

Although the footage shown is described as still being in development, it certainly appears to be very well polished. In any case, it's clear from the trailer that the chaos and environmental destruction the series is known for is coming back in spades for the latest entry to the series. Just Cause series protagonist Rico Rodriguez appears to have a massive arsenal and some new tools available as he uses land, air, and water vehicles to traverse the terrain of Solis. Rico clearly isn't afraid to get swept up despite seemingly insurmountable odds, even disappearing into a winding twister during the trailer.

Much remains unknown about the plot of Just Cause 4, but more details are likely to follow tomorrow, as publisher Square Enix will be holding its own press conference at E3 on Monday morning. The praise for Just Cause's 3 sprawling open world means Just Cause 4 is likely to offer an even larger open world to explore. With any luck, developer Avalanche Studios has also taken the criticisms of Just Cause 3 to heart and will produce a title that doesn't just allow for free-roaming action, but resolves the repetitive nature of the game's missions so series veterans and newcomers alike can thoroughly enjoy the newest entry.

Just Cause 4 will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 4, 2018.

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