Just Cause 3 Xbox One File Size Revealed

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Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One file size of Just Cause 3 is set to be 42.49 GB, taking a sizeable chunk of space for those ready to pre-load the game.

With the release of Just Cause 3 just around the corner, fans of the action series are getting ready for the game’s launch. Now, Microsoft has revealed the file size of the title for Xbox One. The tech giant has confirmed that the open world explode-o-rama will weigh in at 42.49 GB for the console.

The download information was revealed by Microsoft over at the Xbox One product page, and will prove of particular use to those looking to pre-load the game in advance of its launch on December 31, 2015. Just Cause 3 is set to release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but the 42.49 GB size has only been confirmed for Xbox One. However, it is expected that the file size for both PC and PS4 will be fairly similar.

Gamers can expect plenty of bang for their buck with that 42 GB, however. The game world of Just Cause 3 is approximately 1,000 square kilometres, and players can expect to have open reign over the terrain. In particular, Just Cause 3 seems to bring the level of disposability up to a whole new level, with a recent developer video showcasing the game’s destructive bliss.

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Publisher Square Enix has promised that Just Cause 3 will contain much more than simply a world to destroy, however. The publisher, along with developer Avalanche Studios, has delved deep into the game’s content, confirming that the game will feature random events and advanced AI, as well as a selection of challenge modes. Of course, many players will simply see these as fun additional aspects to enjoy alongside the level of freedom available.

At over 40 GB, Just Cause 3 sits in the middle ground of recent download sizes. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection launched with a file size of 44.46 GB, whilst Fallout 4’s download file was recently announced to be between 28 and 35 GB. That may seem small for a game of such a large scope, but it may be due to the number of reused materials in the expansive game world.

Fans of the series will no doubt be excited to see just how well Just Cause 3 transfers over to the newest console generation. Mad Max, the title’s Avalanche Studios bedfellow, received fairly positive reviews upon its release earlier in the year. Let’s see whether Just Cause 3 can go one step further and become a bona fide classic of this generation.

Just Cause 3 is expected to launch on December 31, 2015, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: Xbox.com