Avalanche Teases ‘Just Cause 3’ With Trip to Costa Rica

By | 3 years ago 

Although Just Cause 2 has been receiving a surprising amount of player support in the mod scene, there’s no denying the franchise is ripe for a next-gen (or current-gen now?) update. However, developer Avalanche Studios, despite a few teases and one or two leaks, has kept relatively quiet on the possibility of a sequel.

Still, Avalanche Studios isn’t adverse to the idea of dropping a hint or two about Just Cause 3, in fact many of their discussions typically circle back to the open world franchise in some way, and that’s just what they did this week.

In a 5-minute video Avalanche took gamers along on their trip to Costa Rica, where the developer was out looking for inspiration. That inspiration included snapping photos that, as they revealed, will be used for the developer’s upcoming Mad Max game, as well as future projects.

Obviously, the thought of Avalanche traveling to Costa Rica for anything but Just Cause research makes little sense, but apparently some of the photos taken of the Costa Rican sky will help with Mad Max development. But really, they have to be working on Just Cause 3 right?

Again, Avalanche did not want to tip their hand early, perhaps to keep the focus on Mad Max for now, but they do make several Just Cause-related references throughout the video. Teasing is one thing, but at this point Avalanche is all but acknowledging the sequel’s existence without actually confirming it.

With fans likely chomping at the bit at the thought of a next-gen Just Cause, we are pleased to report that Avalanche’s research included close inspection of water movement and complex jungle environments. Just Cause 2‘s island of Panau was quite the breathtaking creation — a sweeping, dense tropical environment — so we can’t wait to see how Avalanche improves with better hardware.

Don’t right Just Cause 2 off just yet either, though; the game recently saw a resurgence in anticipation of the game’s new multiplayer mod.

What are your hopes for a Just Cause 3? What type of setting would you like to see? How would you like to see Avalanche improve on Just Cause 2?

Source: CVG