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Just about every major release these days features a special "collector's edition" that allows the franchise's diehard fans to pick up some memorabilia, while at the same time allowing the developer to recoup its development costs. But there's been a feeling among some gamers for a while that not every title needs a huge statue (and the huge price tag that comes with it) in the box. Sometimes players want to buy the collector's edition if the developer is tying extra in-game content or boosts to its purchase, but are then left wondering where in the world they are going to put their new bionic arm.

But Square Enix may have just come up with a unique way to ensure that its upcoming special edition of Just Cause 3 gives the vast majority of fans exactly what they want.  The publisher of Avalanche Studios' upcoming title is soliciting votes from fans to help it decide what should be put in the game's collector's edition.

Fans of the open-world game can log into the official Just Cause 3 website and select their 3 favorite items out of a list of 12. Here's the full list of items:

  • Mini Art Book
  • Destructible General Statue/Puzzle
  • Diecast Vehicles
  • Map of Medici
  • Grapple Hook Replica
  • Backpack
  • RC Copter
  • Diorama featuring Rico shooting a grappling hook
  • Diorama with Rico riding the top of a car
  • Diorama with Rico riding the top of a jet fighter
  • 9 inch Rico
  • Steelbook
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Pictures and further details of each item are available on the website. It looks like Square Enix has come up with a wide assortment of options for players, with some wild and wacky choices mixed in with more traditional options like an art book or steelbook. If Just Cause 3 ends up shipping with a huge grapple hook, at least it'll be because a large number of fans decided that they had to have it. This feels like a pretty good idea and it would be nice to see more publishers start to follow Square Enix's lead.

This is not the first time that Just Cause fans have had an impact on the franchise. The player base created a mod for Just Cause 2 that added multiplayer to the game. But Just Cause 3 will not feature multiplayer out of the box either, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the modders get back to work. Avalanche Studios did say that adding multiplayer to the game would "make a lot of sense", however, so perhaps the modders might get some official support this time around if such a project does happen.

No time frame was given on when the collector's edition will be finalized. Just Cause 3 will release this December for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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