Square Enix releases the debut trailer for the first expansion for Just Cause 3 called Sky Fortress which adds a new story and jet pack enhancement for the wing suit.

Even though the third-person action title, Just Cause 3, stumbled a bit out of the gate due to a number of performance related issues, the game has started to find its footing after a few updates, and a dedicated fanbase intent on improving the experience by adding highly requested mods such as multiplayer. After teasing fans last month with the news that the first expansion was nearing completion and was in final play testing, Avalanche has finally released the debut trailer showcasing the unique content that is coming to the game next month.

Representing the air portion of the Land, Air, and Sea expansion pass, the first downloadable content known as Sky Fortress is launching sometime next month for season pass owners. If a spiteful dictator wasn’t enough for Just Cause 3 players, the island of Medici appears to have now been invaded by a high tech paramilitary group who employs a number of ships and drones which Rico has set out to destroy. Much of the action takes place in the sky against what appears to be drones, robots, and other sci-fi tech.

Thanks to the trailer, fans have also gotten a good look at many of the new sci-fi elements coming to the game including a mechanized Bavarium wing suit which acts more like a jet pack allowing Rico to fly around in the sky. If that wasn’t enough, the jet suit also has the ability to fire a shoulder mounted rocket In addition to the new jet suit, the DLC contains a new assault rifle. Better yet, the DLC items can be taken back into the core game as well, which will probably render some of the more normal vehicles useless.

Sky Fortress will be available for non-season pass owners at $11.99 and, according to Avalanche, should take players between 3 and 4 hours to complete while adding a number of new items, vehicles, weapons, and missions to the game. The last two expansions, Bavarium Sea Heist and Mech Land Assault, are due out by the end of the summer.

While the expansion news is pretty exciting, many fans of the game are still waiting for the issues that continue to plague the game get resolved. Thankfully, many of the core issues that launched with the title like the dipping frame rates and abnormally long load times, have been improved thanks to a recent update, but there are still unresolved issues affecting many users. Avalanche has recently said that work on Sky Fortress has not interfered with the many continued optimizations, improvements, and fixes that are being readied to roll out to all platforms.

Are you still playing Just Cause 3 or have you moved on after the rough launch? Does this trailer excite you for what else Avalanche has up its sleeves for the rest of the season pass?

Just Cause 3 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Square Enix