'Just Cause 3' Screenshots Emphasize Explosive Aerial Combat

Just Cause 3 Gameplay Changes Details

What Just Cause 3 may lack in terms of a multiplayer mode, it certainly makes up for it with the explosions and death-defying falls that have become signature to the series. The game was announced last month, and Avalanche Studios has wasted little time in providing Just Cause 3 fans with more screenshots than they could grapple a stick at.

The new batch of in-game images consist of everything from on-wing plane combat to a free-falling Lamborghini, which is exactly what Just Cause has left fans to expect - glorious, ridiculous action and a constant defiance of the laws of gravity. The third Just Cause experience will introduce players to the wingsuit, which was brought into popularity by Ubisoft's Far Cry series and blends in perfectly with the world of Just Cause.

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Just Cause 3 sees series protagonist Rico Rodriguez return to his home country, Medici. He's out to topple another brutal dictatorship, and the unique setting gives Avalanche Studios the perfect opportunity to flesh out the character and perhaps add a little bit of backstory. It's no secret that the plotline takes a backseat to the action in the Just Cause games, but it's unlikely the studio will have an easier opportunity to make players connect with Rico than when he's back home.

Unlike the ever-popular Just Cause 2, the third iteration of the game won't be including microtransactions. Of course, the studio did say they're looking at future downloadable content to compliment the full game's experience, but that bridge will be crossed once the game itself is finalized and released - Avalanche Studios states they just want to focus on making a "fully packed and extremely rewarding experience right out of the gate," a noble idea we can get behind.

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Just Cause 3 is set for a 2015 release on current generation consoles and PC, though the studio hasn't clarified further on what quarter of the year the game will release in. The game is looking mighty fine in terms of graphics and explosions, and we hope Avalanche Studios takes all the time they need to make the game a fun and bug-free experience at launch - we don't want a repeat of the Unity experience.

What do you think about these screenshots, Ranters? Are you excited to try out the new wingsuit, or would you rather stick with the tried-and-true grappling technique?

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