Avalanche and Square Enix have written a letter to fans in response to frustrations regarding ongoing technical issues within the game across all platforms.

Just a day after Just Cause 3‘s launch, players are already frustrated over a significant number of technical issues discovered across all platforms. Frame-rate drops, excessive loading times, crashes, glitches, and other issues have been cited; a list that certainly can’t be ignored. Developer Avalanche seems to agree, as this morning the studio posted a letter addressed to fans via the Just Cause 3 Steam community.

The letter, titled “A message for our players,” seems directed at PC players just judging from the venue of its publication, but its context is appropriate for players of all platforms. Much akin to other blockbuster titles released this year with similar technical problems, the spokesman starts by thanking everyone for ensuring the success of their game. That’s followed by a promise that improvements are being worked on, but no timetable for a patch’s release has yet been established.

Undoubtedly, Avalanche has been hard at work simply getting Just Cause 3 ready to launch on December 1, let alone preparing for the inevitable technical issues that would accrue from millions of players having access to the game. Having now switched over to post-launch mode at the studio, fixes and optimization are certain to be coming down the pipeline. Hopefully PC players can look forward to a patch within the next few weeks, if not sooner, but console players may have a wait in store for them.

Avalanche Responds to Just Cause 3 Technical Issues

Here’s the meat of the prepared statement, dealing with how Avalanche is approaching the myriad Just Cause 3 technical issues:

“We know you’re going to want specific information on when a patch will land and what will be fixed – we would love to give you that information, and we will as soon as we have it. But right now, a little over one day since we launched, we have huge numbers of players in our enormous game world and we’re monitoring all the data coming in.

We need a little bit of time to recreate some of these issues and build fixes. Rest assured though – we are fully committed to making Just Cause 3 as awesome as possible. We already know loads of people are having a blast with the game but we’ll do all we can to make sure everyone is laughing and smiling as they play.”

In the mean time, Avalanche encourages Just Cause 3 players dealing with technical issues to contact publisher Square Enix’s customer support, or that PC players visit and post within the steam community for the game.

One solution that’s quickly making the rounds within the PC community for Just Cause 3 is taking the game offline. Offline? Isn’t the game single-player and wholly offline in the first place? That might seem like the correct assumption, but it’s not true in this case. Just Cause 3 uses an online-supported DRM for anti-piracy. If community reports that taking the game offline is solving technical issues, then it could be inferred that many of the problems are being caused by the game’s DRM.

Whatever the cause, gamers everywhere are once again forced to consider why publishers continue to put out games with significant technical issues that are otherwise extremely well received. Batman Arkham Knight, Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 are just a few examples of this year’s major releases running into significant problems at launch.

Is there any way to avoid these issues other than delaying more games? Is there even a likelihood that publishers will even consider delaying more games? Do gamers necessarily care that much?

Stay tuned for more updates on Just Cause 3‘s launch issues and hopefully a quick turnaround from Avalanche on their game’s first patch.