Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Added in New PC Mod

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Players pool their technical know-how and mod a multiplayer mode for Just Cause 3, letting PC gamers destroy the open world of the 2015 hit in good company.

A long-awaited mod that adds multiplayer to 2015's Just Cause 3 has been released for PC. Though currently not yet available through the Steam workshop, it can be downloaded from the modders' website and installed that way, though it should be noted that players will need a Steam copy to play. PS4 and Xbox fans will still not be able to play online and there is no indication multiplayer support is in the works for consoles.

Just Cause 3 was a high profile title when it came out, offering fast-paced action in an open world setting where players could run around blowing things up to their heart's content. The story took a bit of a back seat, but many gamers seemed too busy with destroying the in-game world to notice. The only thing many felt was missing from Just Cause 3's gameplay was multiplayer; after all, running around with a rocket launcher is more fun if you can do it with friends.

Multiplayer had also not been included in Just Cause 2 and to remedy that a group of fans had gotten together to develop a mod that did exactly that. It was a huge success and many hoped that the same team would make a similar mod for the third installment of the hit series. Though they did get started with the project, the multiplayer mod creator was hiredby developer Avalanche Studios, more or less killing the group's ambitions. This new Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod, named JC3:MP, is made by a different group entirely.


Not that it changes anything for players: the new Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod isn't officially finished yet and so has a few bugs still, but thus far people seem to be enjoying it. Players can opt to explore the world together, or can participate in races and death matches against each other. It seems strange that Avalanche Studios wouldn't include such a popular feature, but in an interview game director Ronald Lesterlin defended the decision by saying that their main focus was on creating a great open-world experience for players and that they wanted to "concentrate first and foremost in the main player."

That this was a sound strategy is proven by positive Just Cause 3 reviews and it's always admirable to see a studio decide to focus on single player rather than spreading the project too thin with multiplayer. The new multiplayer mod adds a whole new experience for those who want it, but those who don't still get to play a good game.

Just Cause 3 is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The multiplayer mod can be downloaded here.

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