Avalanche Studios will release a patch this week that addresses the long load times in Just Cause 3, along with a few other fixes to improve the game for players.

After a rough launch, it looks like the team behind the open-world action game Just Cause 3 is hard at work patching the issues many players have experienced. The most important fix, which is coming this week through Patch 1.02, is improving the load times in the game.

Gamers who jumped into Just Cause 3 when it first released complained quickly and loudly online about seriously long load times – up to 15 minutes or more in some cases. Developer Avalanche Studios was quick to recommend players go offline to improve their load times, but the issues persisted for many gamers.

Fortunately, this week’s patch will “significantly improve” the load times in Just Cause 3, though it remains to be seen just how significant those improvements are. Hopefully the fix brings load times in line with other open world games, though players may still take issue if they have to wait more than a minute or two before continuing in the game.

Just Cause 3 Air Explosion

Along with the fix to load times, the 132 MB patch will provide these fixes for Just Cause 3 players:

  • Optimizations to online stats
  • General stability fixes
  • Fixed an issue related to challenges, wherein vehicles sometimes disappeared when starting a challenge
  • Fixed issues related to screen resizing and closing the game window before the game has fully started up [PC ONLY]

The developer also took the opportunity to respond to some other complaints from gamers, specifically concerning sprinting and crouching. To the point on sprinting, Avalanche Studios offered these thoughts:

This isn’t an oversight; it’s very much intended. Our designer’s intent was to encourage you to use Rico’s unique grapple to move around Medici far quicker than his legs would allow, as well as giving you the ability to traverse vertically.

Similarly for crouching:

Rico doesn’t hide. Getting him up in the air is our version of the cover mechanic. Rico is far more deadly in the skies, than pinned behind a container on the ground.

Just Cause 3 View

This is basically a nice way of Avalanche Studios telling gamers to quick complaining – the omissions were intentional. Hopefully, though, with the fix to Just Cause 3‘s load times players will be able to enjoy the grappling, flying, and havoc-causing mechanics in the game and won’t worry about whether or not they can crouch and sprint.

Are you happy to see Avalanche Studios has patched the load times issue so quickly? Are there other issues you’re hoping the developer will fix soon? Let us know in the comments below.

Just Cause 3 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Avalanche Studios