'Just Cause 3' Trailer Reveals Plans for Holiday 2015 Release

The Just Cause series has found its way into gamers' hearts with a rich blend of interesting locales and high-octane action, and the third instalment looks set to offer both in hearty supply. We've known for some time that the game was in development, but a trailer released this morning has revealed that Just Cause 3 is set for release during the holiday period of 2015.

The 'Firestarter' trailer focuses on the more destructive elements of the series, a trait that has become something of a calling card for Just Cause as a whole. A big part of the reason that this third title is so hotly anticipated is thanks to the many viral videos of the free-form chaos that players managed to incite in Just Cause 2.

That game only really met its full potential long after its initial release. A popular title on Steam, the game received a multiplayer mod long after its release that far extended the lifespan of the game. The extra chaos that a whole host of players could add to proceedings meant that more and more people were exposed to the series — and that helped to build hype for the now official Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 3 Landing

Previously, Avalanche Studios has released footage of some of the in-depth research the devs have undertaken on the exotic environments that are such a crucial part of Just Cause. As well as documenting the sort of flora and fauna necessary to give a real sense of these tropical locales, the team also recorded ambient sounds and studied the waves to ensure that the team can execute on their heady aspirations.

Now the new installment could well be on track to become something of a sleeper hit, buoyed by the strength of its predecessor and a lack of competition from major open-world games. The trailer is filled with explosive imagery, and ends with protagonist Rico Rodriguez taking to the skies in his wing suit. It's clear that the game will have no shortage of action and intensity.

With a Mad Max game also set for 2015, Avalanche Studios certainly seems to be on a roll. If both releases can deliver on the excellent tidbits we've seen throughout their development, the team looks set to cement its position as one of the premier sources of open-world gameplay in the industry.

Just Cause 3 is set to release during the holiday season of 2015, and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows.

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