Square Enix Registers ‘Just Cause 3’ Domain; E3 2014 Unveiling on the Way?

By | 3 years ago 

For the better part of a year, developer Avalanche Studios has been involved in a will they/won’t they situation with Just Cause 3. Most fans feel it’s a foregone conclusion that Avalanche will announce the sequel, but the developer has yet to say anything official on the matter, despite a whole lot of teasing.

That might soon change, though, as Square Enix — the publisher responsible for the Just Cause franchise — has recently filed a domain registration for Just Cause 3. It’s true that domain registrations can oftentimes mean nothing, but the growing Just Cause 3 evidence suggests this is indeed something.

Internet super sleuth Superannuation discovered the domain registration for JustCause3Game.com early Thursday, and took things a step further by speculating that Square Enix could be gearing up for an E3 2014 reveal. If this domain is legitimate, and not some sort of preventative measure, that’s certainly a possibility.

That being said, this isn’t the first time that Square Enix has registered a Just Cause-related domain. Almost two years ago, the publisher snatched up domains for Just Cause 3 and Just Cause 4, but those URLs have not seen any action since then. Instead, Avalanche has been laser focused on their other open world title, Mad Max, which had its big debut at E3 last year and is targeting a 2014 release on current-gen and last-gen systems.

More direct Just Cause 3 hints are nothing new either. A year ago, Avalanche CEO Christopher Sundberg unloaded a wealth of potential details, including a 2015 release date tease and talk of asynchronous multiplayer. Then, in December, members of the development team took a trip to Costa Rica for game research purposes – research that they contextualized using Just Cause as an example. So, while the developer isn’t confirming Just Cause, they aren’t shying away from talking about it either.

With a little over a month until E3 2014, there are likely a lot of big name franchises on gamers’ wish lists, everything from a new God of War to Fallout 4, and only time will tell whether gamers actually get their wish. Exciting times are ahead with or without Just Cause 3, but chances are good that the sequel is in our future.

Do you think Square Enix will announce Just Cause 3 at this year’s E3? What do you hope to see from the sequel?

Source: Superannuation – Twitter