One Just Cause 3 fan finds an Easter egg in Avalanche Studios’ open world action-adventure title that pays homage to From Software’s Dark Souls series.

As evidenced in a recent video posted by the YouTuber known as Razed, Just Cause 3 contains a lovely little Easter egg making reference to From Software’s Dark Souls franchise with an interactive bonfire that serves as the latter games’ checkpoints. Of course, the developers at Avalanche Studios put a spin on it in order to reflect Just Cause 3‘s sensibilities, as instead of a sword stuck in the middle of the fire, there’s a sniper rifle.

Although posted on the YouTuber’s page, Razed credits the find to Steam community member Synatti, and the former fan took the liberty of editing in the Dark Souls series’ “Firelink Shrine Theme” to the captured footage for added flair. For those who can’t access the clip below, Just Cause 3‘s bonfire Easter egg is relatively easy to find, as it’s located on the small island of Cauda with the coordinates being N 40 41.221 E 5 35.019.

As many fans would expect, since Medici is so huge, the bonfire isn’t the only Just Cause 3 Easter egg in the game’s sprawling world, and finding them ought to provide some additional fun outside of the game’s main offerings and challenge modes. For starters, Mr. Snowman from Just Cause 2 makes a comeback with Rico even saying, “So we meet again, Mr. Snowman”, after encountering him.

Plus, there’s a secret downhill challenge with a soapbox car, a giant rubber duck that can be taken out and ridden in the ocean, as well as a reference to the previous release’s Mile High Club airship. Not to mention, there are nods to other pop culture icons outside of the gaming universe with Thor’s hammer showing up, and even a working Stargate from the television show of the same name.


Secrets and Easter eggs aside, just a few days after Just Cause 3‘s release earlier this week, many fans had reported that the game’s load times were really bad, with some players waiting up to 15 minutes to get into the action. However, in order to assuage the situation and respond to the technical difficulties, the problems were addressed by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix by way of an apologetic letter, telling fans to contact the title’s customer services should complications continue.

Despite the problems currently plaguing Just Cause 3, the game itself received generally favorable reviews. Of course, with the title being released to the public with hangups and irksome issues right at the outset, such glowing recommendations may have become somewhat tainted. Hopefully, though, developers will provide an update patch as soon as possible in order to rectify the snags in the system.

Just Cause 3 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Razed – YouTube (via Kotaku, VG 24/7)