Here’s a Closer Look at Just Cause 3’s Challenge Modes

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Open world games are a lot of fun because of the hours of exploration and adventuring they offer, but they can become a bit dull after the game’s core story is complete. While games like Skyrim have mini-quests and repeatable side missions to beef up a game’s replay value, others add in minigames to keep gamers interested.

Just Cause 3 is adding in a new mode that consists of a wide variety of mini-games for gamers to test their skills and try to achieve a high score. In a video released by IGN, game director Roland Lesterlin shows off what the Challenge Modes in Just Cause 3 have to offer.

The video, seen above, shows off two of the Challenge Modes that attendees of Gamescom got to experience hands-on. One of them is a wingsuit race mini-game, which task the player with carefully aligning their character so they sail through on-screen rings. Scores increase depending on the accuracy and offer the player rewards for gliding through the small center rings, or for opting to go through the more dangerous lower rings.

Another challenge mode, called Destruction Frenzy, is unlocked after liberating a base in the game’s main campaign. The player is essentially allowed to go back to the base and demolish it with various weapons and equipment, like rocket launchers and helicopters with miniguns. Scores increase based on how many buildings are destroyed, and how quickly in succession they’re destroyed, as the player can build chain bonuses up to at least 8x.

Just Cause 3 Wingsuit Races Challenge Mode Video

Scores are recorded both in total points as well as gears, which record the player’s performance up to the highest level of five gears. Scores can be uploaded to leaderboards, and gamers will be able to see how they rank amongst their friends and strangers alike.

Just Cause 3 looks well-polished and visually pristine, and the addition of the Challenge Mode should help to increase the amount of play time the series is already well-known for. Unfortunately, the Challenge Modes won’t be available to play with friends online or in-person. The game won’t have a multiplayer mode at launch, but Avalanche Studios has hinted that a multiplayer mode will be added to Just Cause 3 later on. Whether or not this extends to the Challenge Mode is unknown, but in the meantime, the ability to challenge fellow gamers’ scores through the leaderboard system should help to make up for it.

Just Cause 3 looks like it’ll be a ton of fun to play, and the Challenge Mode will probably keep gamers busy for many hours after completing Just Cause’s 3 main story. If you find yourself bored with open-world games once the main campaign is over, the Challenge Mode might help to make Just Cause 3 feel more substantial.

On the other hand, some gamers may find mini-games like these to just be additional fluff that’s unnecessary. How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments.

Just Cause 3 launches on December 1 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN