Gamers discover that Just Cause 3 features an Easter Egg based on the viral blue and black/white and gold dress phenomenon that took the Internet by storm.

Just like any open world worth its salt, the world of Just Cause 3 is filled with amusing Easter Eggs for fans to discover. Many of these Easter Eggs are references to other video games, such as the Final Fantasy 7 Easter Egg, but the latest one discovered in the game is all about the dress.

“The dress”, of course, is in reference to the lace dress from Roman Originals that caused quite a stir on the Internet earlier this year. As some may recall, there was much debate as to whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black. This argument became a viral phenomenon, with over 10 million Tweets mentioning the dress. Well, as it turns out, Avalanche Studios has hidden the dress (both versions of it) in the world of Just Cause 3.

The Easter Egg can be found on a rooftop in Citate Di Rivello, as discovered by Steam users AliceTheGorgon and Ricochet227. Two women inhabit said rooftop, with one wearing the blue and black version of the dress, and the other sporting the white and gold version.

Check out Just Cause 3‘s clever “dress” Easter Egg right here:

Just Cause 3 Features Viral Blue Gold Dress Easter Egg - Just Cause 3 viral dress

As is illustrated by the inclusion of this dress Easter Egg in Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios certainly have a sense of humor. Avalanche Studios’ Easter Eggs have proven to be plenty of fun to discover across a variety of the company’s games, whether it’s one of the Easter Eggs from Just Cause 3 or one like the Half-Life Easter Egg in Mad Max.

So far, Just Cause 3 seems to feature some of Avalanche’s best Easter Eggs to date. Besides the previously mentioned Final Fantasy 7 Easter Egg and the dress Easter Egg, Just Cause 3 also features a Dark Souls Easter Egg, as well as many others. Considering the massive size of Just Cause 3‘s open world, there are probably even more Easter Eggs that fans have yet to discover in the game.

In any case, Easter Eggs like these are always fun to find, and they help inject additional personality into open world games. Hopefully there are even more Easter Eggs that are hidden away in Just Cause 3 for fans to stumble upon, but in the meantime, players can hunt down the dress-wearing women on a rooftop in Citate Di Rivello and relive the great dress debate of 2015.

Which of the Just Cause 3 Easter Eggs discovered so far do you find the most amusing? Have you found any Just Cause 3 Easter Eggs yourself? Is the dress blue and black or white and gold? Argue about the color of the dress and talk to us about Just Cause 3 in the comments below.

Just Cause 3 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7