‘Just Cause 3’ Will Feature Random Events and Enhanced AI

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One of the hottest games releasing this year is Just Cause 3, the third game in the tropical-set, over-the-top open world action trilogy from Avalanche Studios. The developers have released tidbits of information about the game since its announcement a few months ago, including its focus on aerial combat.

During a recent interview PC Gamer, Just Cause 3, game director Roland Lesterlin shared new details about the upcoming game. He highlighted the changes and improvements that developer Avalanche Studios hopes to add, including enhanced AI and random events.

Random events are a popular feature in open world games lately, and they will be featured prominently in Just Cause 3. According to Lesterlin, players will encounter random events in the very first area of the game, along with towns, outposts, military bases, challenges, and other side activities. Unfortunately, Lesterlin did not go into specifics about what these random events may entail.

This points to a large, expansive open world for Just Cause 3, considering the first area of the game will be so densely packed with things to do. Lesterlin said, “[…] there’s a lot of open space, particularly towards the north of the map. When you reach that part of the game, you’re going to be using jets. We want density where we need it, but we also need a big world too.”

In addition to random events, another focus for the development team at Avalanche Studios has been to improve enemy AI. They’ve accomplished this by increasing overall difficulty and by making the AI more “reactive” to what the player is doing.

Just Cause 3 Gatling Gun

Lesterlin offered a couple of examples of the reactive enemy AI in the game. For example, if players were to steal a heavily armored helicopter equipped with missiles and decided to start bombing an enemy base, the enemies would employ anti-air defenses to try to shoot it out of the sky.

Furthermore, if players are using a “tough military vehicle”, the enemies will use RPGs to try to destroy it. “Heavy” enemy types are also being added to the game for even more challenge. With constantly reacting enemy AI, it will force players to change up their combat strategies and tactics. “This makes attacking bases more fun,” Lesterlin said.

2015 was initially set to be a year full of high budget, blockbuster releases. Unfortunately, major games such as Uncharted 4 and The Legend of Zelda Wii U getting delayed to 2016 has lessened many gamers’ enthusiasm for gaming this year. Learning new details about a game is usually a good sign that development is progressing smoothly, and Avalanche has given no indication that Just Cause 3 will have to miss its fall 2015 release window.

Just Cause 3 will release later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PC Gamer