Two years ago Avalance Studios confirmed a pair of releases for 2013. With Just Cause 2 coming out to critical acclaim and big sales numbers a year prior, it was a given that a followup was on the way, but we’ve little on that front since. As of last year however, we learned the studio – with another new office in New York – was working on three different titles, but still no official unveilings of any of them.

Skipping forward to last summer and Square Enix was found registering domains for Just Cause 3 and 4, adding credence to our theory that Just Cause 3 could be a launch title for the next-gen consoles this fall. And when it does, it may introduce multiplayer into the franchise. Fortunately for PC gamers, fans have already made the latest game a multiplayer experience.

Earlier this year, Avalanche CEO Christofer Sundberg posted updates on his LinkedIn page which suggest Just Cause 3 – or at least a sandbox project his company is working on for Square Enix – may not release until 2015, and that it’ll introduce asynchronous multiplayer. This essentially means, that like Dark Souls, players can affect the worlds of other players, even while they’re not online.

Just Cause 2

Why not actual real-time multiplayer where players hop in and out of the same world? Last summer we highlighted a mindblowing mod developed for the PC version of Just Cause 2 – one of our favorite games of 2010 – that introduced multiplayer. It essentially made the game a co-op experience and while it was a work-in-progress, it looked wonderfully fun.

In fact, even Avalanche’s Senior Level Designer Magnus Johansson was impressed. The mod originally began development two years prior to that video so it’s been a long process. Interested players can find out more at the official site

Needless to say, with fans adding this feature and the mod getting media attention and fan love, the developers of the core game have to – at the very least- offer similar multiplayer functionality in the full version. With E3 coming soon, could we get our first look at the next-gen Just Cause?

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