‘Just Cause 2’ Multiplayer Mod Gets Official Launch Trailer

By | 3 years ago 

The best thing about game mods is that they reverse time for gamers. While the industry and players are continually looking forward to new releases to consume, modders make sure that there is always a reason to go back to an older game and enjoy new content. Be that a fully fledged Jurassic Park game for Source or Thomas the Tank Engine reigning down terror onto Skyrim, modders can change most anything about certain games with enough time.

Just Cause 2 is a game that deserves that second wind of interest, and it might well have just got it in the form of Just Cause 2: Multiplayer which launches today. The game mod has taken the absolutely massive open world of Panau and opened it up to “thousands” of players, changing it from a single player game to an MMO.

Reminiscent of the anarchic GTA Online, Just Cause 2: Multiplayer is sure to be full of even more wanton and destruction. In the original game, franchise protagonist Scorpio could cause more than enough destruction to the Panauian government himself. Imagine the chaos that could be wreaked with over several hundred…

Just Cause 2 MP Mod Launch

To celebrate the mod’s release on Steam, the add-on has received an official launch trailer showing off the antics gamers could get up to if they hop into the connected world. It seems it will be hard to run out of things to do with boat races, aerial fights, demolition derbys, beach racing, mass base jumping and all out war all being part of Just Cause 2: Multiplayer‘s platter.

Avalanche Studios is thought to be working on Just Cause 3 currently, and recently the development team was out in the wilderness of Costa Rica doing research for an upcoming and possibly related game. If it turns out that that is Just Cause 3, the setting suggests that the game’s sequel might well be heading back to the tropics. That game is also rumored to introduce multiplayer ideas into the Just Cause franchise, but now with Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, you don’t have to wait for that game’s unannounced release.

Are you going to be travelling back to Panau again to cause havoc with your buddies, or can you wait for Just Cause 3? Are you buying Just Cause 2 just to step into the new multiplayer mod? Let us know below.

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer is available on Steam now. The mod is free-to-play, but requires either a boxed copy of Just Cause 2 (patched up to v., or the game’s digital version, available via Steam.