It’s been two years since Just Cause 2┬áreleased on consoles and the PC, bringing the high-flying, open-world adventures of Rico Rodriguez to the fictitious Southeast Asian island of Panau. We handed a shining review to the game upon its release, and ongoing rumors of Just Cause 3┬áhave had us clamoring for a full-on reveal.

Fortunately, the most telling sign yet may have been delivered by Square Enix – who distributed the first two Just Cause games developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Eidos Interactive.

The lookouts at Fusible have noticed that Square Enix is registering domains through internet brand protection firm Corporation Service Company. Those included so far are,,,, This close to E3, and with Avalanche Studios rumored to be developing Just Cause 3 for 2013, the domains shed an interesting light on a possible future for the series.

There are a myriad of reasons why companies might want to seal off domains from the general public, not the least of which is to ward of imitation sites and prevent false rumors about a particular game. But just as such measures can be preventative, they can also be proactive.

Just Cause 3 Domain Announcement

The fact that Sqaure went about snatching up domains for JC 4 in addition to JC 3 suggests that the company is serious about the future of their proprietary franchise. Could a JC 3 announcement at E3 signal a dramatic overhaul of the series’ storyline – one where a new narrative and/or protagonist takes shape and builds a framework for JC 4? What would a Just Cause 4 look like assuming the likely timeframe of development would position it as a next-gen title? The possibilities are as flush as a bright pink pickup truck.

Ranters, sometimes domains mean nothing; sometimes – as was the case of Marvel and Ubisofts’ The Avengers game – they make for telltale cues. Do you think Just Cause 3 (and 4!) are on their way? How would you like to see the the series evolve from the impressive Just Cause 2?

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Source: Fusible [via CVG]