GameStop Pre-Orders Of 'Jurassic Park' Earn Your Avatar a Pet T-Rex

Jurassic Park Pre Order Gets T Rex

Telltale Games' upcoming adventure game and revitalization, Jurassic Park is coming soon and the developers have opted to partner with GameStop in awarding those who pre-order the game with a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex for their Xbox 360 avatar. Who wouldn't want the king of the dinosaurs as a pet? The answer: nobody.

Modeled after the T-Rex in the original Jurassic Park film, the pet will add some prehistoric flair to your avatar. Users will also be able to follow Dr. Alan Grant's lead and distract your pet with a road flare, or be content with it stomping around and shaking virtual cups of water.

For those who may not know, the upcoming game's story will act as a compliment to the original film that will also continue afterward, surrounding one element that was shown: Dennis Nedry's Barbosol can filled with various dinosaur DNA. The park and its residents will be a large part of the game as the player explores and unfolds the mystery that movie audiences never got to see.

Jurassic Park will be releasing in the middle of November after a delay, which also afforded pre-order purchasers a chance for a full refund and a free game as an apology to gamers. The delay looks to be worth it, as it is a game Telltale is putting a lot of effort into, with desires of creating the game that fans of the film have been waiting for.

GameStop Jurassic Park Pet

For those who are worrying about the action quotient within the title, don't be, as seen in this sizzle reel, there will be plenty of drama trying to avoid being mauled and eaten by dinosaurs. If you're excited for the game, there is no better time to start pre-ordering than now, when you can nab yourself one of the cooler accessories for your Xbox 360 avatar. In addition to the T-Rex, other officially licensed items and accessories will be made available at the game's launch.

What are your thoughts? Do you Jurassic Park fans think a game that captures the spirit of the films is possible? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Jurassic Park releases on November 15, 2011 for Xbox 360 and PC.


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