First Details of TellTale's 'Jurassic Park' Game Revealed

PC Jurassic Park Sees Delay

First with Back to the Future, and now with Jurassic Park, the developers at TellTale Games have demonstrated that they know which movies gamers have fond memories of, and how to profit from those memories. The first episode of Back to the Future: The Game came out last month and impressed a lot of fans with its respect for the classic films on which it's based. This spring, TellTale is set to follow up that game series with Jurassic Park. While much of the game is still a mystery, details have just been announced indicating that Jurassic Park will be a slightly different type of title than TellTale fans are used to.

The closest example to the gameplay that has been described for Jurassic Park would be last year's PS3 title, Heavy Rain. TellTale's game seems to be designed for action and chase sequences that would probably lack intensity and excitement if they were presented with point and click mechanics or just cutscenes. More details on the game, which were revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, include that most of its action will play out as quick time events. Whether or not the rest of the game gives players direct control over the characters, or if this Heavy Rain inspired QTE control system is just for the action sequences, is not yet known.

Getting rid of Back to the Future: The Game's cartoon style, Jurassic Park will go with a more realistic look. Designed to take place during and after the events of the first movie, the game will unfortunately not feature any of the main characters from the film, which means no Dr. Grant or Jeff Goldblum as Malcolm. While it would be nice to see some of the familiar characters from the films in a new story, Jurassic Park has enough material to work with, and the developers should be able to find plenty of interesting situations to put the new characters in.

As someone who loves Jurassic Park, I think what little we know about this game makes it sound interesting. While many PC players love the point and click format of past TellTale games, it probably wouldn't fit as well with this license as it did with others like Back To The Future. As far as I am concerned, they could make Heavy Rain with dinosaurs and set in the Jurassic Park universe and I would be happy to play it.

What about you? Do you welcome the change in mechanics from past TellTale games, or do you think the developers should stick to what they do best?

Jurassic Park is set for a Spring 2011 releases in five episodic installments for PC and Mac.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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