Jurassic Park Game Delayed

PC Gamers who were itchy to revisit Isla Nublar will have to wait a little bit longer before they can pack their imaginary bags. Telltale Games has announced that Jurassic Park will be delayed until Fall 2011. The delay was made to ensure that the full potential of the game can be achieved. A Fall release will find the PC version delivered alongside the console iterations of Jurassic Park.

As a result of the delay, Telltale is offering a full refund AND one free game voucher (that can be used on Jurassic Park) to those who pre-ordered the PC version of the game. Telltale will be sending out e-mails to customers who pre-ordered with more details. Free game for a delay? Not a bad strategy to keep fans happy.

From the first trailer that emerged, Jurassic Park looked incredible. The new mechanics being implemented appear very organic and complimentary to this particular storytelling experience. Adding a bit of action to the standard Telltale formula through the use of button and movement prompts seems like a natural step. Of course, QTE game mechanics are something that Telltale has not tried before, and with anything new a little bit of risk is involved.

Telltale will be a very busy company this year. In addition to the multiplatform Jurassic Park game they will be launching, they are also working on adapting Law & Order: LA to video games. Robert Kirkman’s comic-series-turned-TV-series The Walking Dead is also being turned into a video game, courtesy of the fine folks at Telltale.

It is unexpected to see a company give full refunds to players who pre-order a delayed game, but a gesture of good faith like that is what ensures fan loyalty and definitely makes the wait well worth it.

Are you happy with how Telltale Games is handling the Jurassic Park delay?

Jurassic Park will be releasing Fall 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: Telltale Blog