Jump Force: 5 Coolest Ultimate Attacks In The Game (& 5 Lamest)

Despite its flaws, Jump Force is an anime fan's dream, serving as the culmination of decades of anime storytelling, giving players full control of over 40 characters (and counting) from some of the most popular, Shonen staples. Of course, you can't have an anime fighting game without Ultimate Attacks, giving players the opportunity to finish off their opponents in a grandiose fashion that mirrors what they've seen onscreen.

Below are some of the coolest Ultimate Attacks in the game, along with some that are just downright disappointing. We're not getting into the damage specifics here, since that's just a whole different topic, but it's clear that the developers put more effort into some Ultimate Attacks than others.

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With a name that literally means "secretive", Hunter x Hunter's Hisoka Morow is one of anime's most elusive, but also psychopathic, characters. His specialty is his Bungee Gum technique, where he makes his aura both sticky (like gum) and elastic (like rubber). And while the thought of even stepping into the ring with Hisoka is enough to strike terror in the hearts of most players, his Ultimate Attack is pretty lacking.

It's just a bunch of spinning followed by a slam, all from a camera angle that is anything but dynamic.


Don't let Blackbeard's missing teeth and moronic appearance fool you! As one of Luffy's most persistent foes, Blackbeard is the only recorded character in the series to possess the power of two Devil Fruits, one of which, the Yami Yami no Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit), is pivotal for this Ultimate Attack. Black Hole Liberation sucks the opponent into a pool of darkness that soon ejects them in a spout of erratic dark energy.

The technique has a pretty impressive range, and it's funny to see characters like Goku, Kaguya, or even Seiya, who could normally avoid such an attack, glance around in bewilderment as the ground beneath their feet gives way to darkness.


It's no secret that One Piece's Zoro is one of anime's most notorious badasses. As the first member to officially join the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro is a character that we can appreciate for his straightforward approach to fighting. His signature sword style is that of Santoryu, in which he wields a sword in each hand and then one in his mouth.

After coating his swords with darkness, his Ultimate Attack lets him practically slash through anything, or at least, any character in Jump Force. While the attack was epic in the show, it just doesn't translate as well here. It lacks the dramatic flair that gave Zoro fans all around the world heart attacks when he first pulled it off and hence it looks lame here.

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Fist of the North Star's Kenshiro is a master of the assassination art known as Hokuto Shinken that relies on aggressive strikes to pressure points for quick, efficient kills. His Ultimate Attack pulverizes the enemy with a flurry of one-handed attacks on the ground, before taking them to the air and jabbing their face with the points of his fingers. Kenshiro rounds it out with a punch that sends them flying before they can even touch the ground.

Not only does this Ultimate Attack prove why Kenshiro has withstood the test of time, but it also shows just how dangerous he is to opponents who are unfamiliar with Hokuto Shinken, along with those noises he makes mid-technique.


Gon Freecss is the pint-sized Hunter from Hunter x Hunter that's shown time and time again that he can definitely pack a punch despite being the size of an Oompa Loompa. His famous Jajanken attack, inspired by the classic game Rock-Paper-Scissors, allows him to charge a reinforced, fiery punch capable of knocking back the strongest opponents.

After making a Vow with his Nen, Gon is able to reach the height of his power, literally growing up before our eyes, but after unleashing his strength with a killer punch, he collapses for the rest of the match. If you don't end things with this attack, you're pretty much just sacrificing one of your characters for no good reason.


How could we make a list and put Gon on it without even mentioning his best friend, Killua Zoldyck. After learning how to electrify his Nen aura, Killua turned into a walking Tesla coil. Though he doesn't bring out the yoyos for this one, his Jump Force Ultimate Attack, Godspeed Bolt, is comprised of the young assassin shrouding his entire body in electricity, making him so fast that players will be dazzled by the way his form flickers around his opponent with each strike.

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To top off the flurry of attacks, he delivers an electrifying elbow right to the gut. Good luck regaining your pride if you lose to him and Gon on the same team.


Kaguya is supposed to be one of the strongest entities in the entire Naruto franchise. After eating the legendary fruit from the God Tree, she became the first chakra user in history. Her Ultimate Attack is the Expansive Truthseeker Orb, which isn't as grandiose as it should be. The resulting explosion from the attack feels somewhat lackluster for a character that basically "god". It also doesn't feel unique.

Characters like Frieza, Goku, and Naruto all have Ultimate Attacks that consists of a big sphere of energy launched from the sky before detonating. We wish we could tell you that her Truthseeker Orb is followed by the stage itself being reduced to a pile of ashes, but that would make us "liar seekers".


It was difficult for us to choose between Jotaro's and Dio Brando's Ultimate Attacks, with both characters capable of controlling time-stopping Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Thank goodness this game decided to feature the mightiest Joestar of them all, Jotaro Kujo, since players were hoping to hear that iconic "ORA, ORA, ORA, ORA, ORA, ORA" if nothing else.

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With his Ultimate Attack, Time Stopper, Jotaro's Stand, Star Platinum, freezes time and unleashes a barrage of well over 100 punches to the opponent's body before finishing with a punch that sounds like it breaks a few good ribs. It's an attack that not only looks pretty intense, but was pulled straight from anime.


Shiryu is the wisest and most calm of the heroes in Saint Seiya, which explains why he's not even freaking out with how poor his Ultimate Attack is. With the powers of his Enraged Dragon Force, Shiryu sends an uncompelling barrage of green dragon heads towards his opponent.

The only thing is, this move gets really old, really fast, since that's all he does for a few seconds. The camera angle doesn't even change throughout the attack, so you won't get the pleasure of seeing your victim writhe in pain if you manage to pull this off without them blocking.


Ryo Saeba hails from the old-school anime that goes by the name of City HunterAs a private detector, Saeba works alongside his new partner, Hideyuki Makimura, as they foil the constant string of black crime occurring all throughout Tokyo. Unlike most characters on this list, Saeba is from a version of Tokyo that lacks a special kind of energy system or supernatural fighting style, but his Ultimate Attack, X-Y-Z more than makes up for it. His move in Jump Force something that we've never see in the anime, as it features him driving a flaming car right into his opponent before shooting three oil barrels that happen to be hovering in the air behind them.

The shots are precise, and the camera takes players down the front of the pistol as we see one bullet being fired in slow-motion. Fans will be astonished by the level of originality and detail that went into this Ultimate Attack, especially given the fact that Saeba can't do anything like this in his own show.

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