Jump Force Buu and Bakugo DLC Character Release Dates Revealed

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Manga fighting game Jump Force is moving quickly towards its next round of DLC character releases. Both Majin Buu and Katsuki Bakugo have had their release dates confirmed in Jump Force's latest trailer. Players will be able to play both the Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia characters on the same day. The two launch in Jump Force on August 27, with Character Pass Early Access starting on August 23.

Bakugo is certain to be the most highly anticipated DLC character of the pair. The My Hero Academia character is both an anti-hero and a rival to protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Despite not being the main character, Bakugo is one of the manga's most popular character. He's won all three of the manga's most recent popularity polls. Bakugo's "Quirk" allows him to create explosions from his hands, stemming from nitroglycerin-like sweat.

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While Majin Buu isn't necessarily as popular as Bakugo, he's definitely earned his role as one of Dragon Ball Z's most iconic characters. This is the "good" form of Majin Buu, part of a transformation Majin Buu goes through after his friend Mr. Satan is shot. Good Buu contains within him the essence of the Grand Supreme Kai, including some of his godly power. But he also remains part of the nefarious and naive Majin Buu, who turns opponents into food.

Bakugo and Buu will be the fourth and fifth characters to be released as DLC for Jump Force. The first three characters released for the game were Seto Kaiba of Yu-Gi-Oh, All Might of My Hero Academia, and Biscuit Krueger of Hunter X Hunter. Four more characters will also be released in the future, bringing the total DLC characters to 9. Those characters include Trafalgar Law, Toshio Hitsugaya, Grimmjow, and Madara Uchiha.

Jump Force remains one of the most surprising hits of 2019. It remained one of the most popular games of early 2019 and continues to perform well alongside the release of its new DLC characters. While it may not have received an outstanding critical reception, it's well-loved by a niche within the fighting game community. The game's huge roster of characters allows for Shonen Jump manga fans to experience intense fighting straight from the page.

Jump Force is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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