Fans of thatgamecompany have been anticipating the company’s third PS3 exclusive title, Journey ever since it was announced early this year. With the Journey‘s closed beta having finally come to an end, thatgamecompany can now give a better estimate as to when the experimental title will release, giving Journey a release window of Spring 2012.

For the longest time, and to the chagrin of fans, Journey has gone without a release date. thatgamecompany spent the past few months being very tight lipped about the release, despite receiving countless questions on the topic. The reason for this was that they did not have a tangible date and to avoid disappointing players with delays, they decided to wait until they had a better idea of what they needed to work on.

While Journey looks to be far into its development, thatgamecompany also stated that the closed beta showed them that they still have a lot of bugs to iron out before the game is ready to be released.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the studio and why this game is one to keep an eye on, Journey is thatgamecompany’s take on online gaming. Unlike more social online games (if one can even call online gaming ‘social’ with all of the foul mouthed players that populate the community) Journey instead puts a greater focus on the sense of isolation. While players can interact, it is not in the traditional sense. There is no text or voice chat, and whenever players do find another character their PSN ID will not be shown.

thatgamecompany has been known for creating games with gameplay and settings outside of those of typical archetypes. Their previous two releases, flOw and Flower were both critically praised, with the latter going on to become one of the most iconic PSN games to date. As seen in our E3 preview, Journey doesn’t look to be any different, and that is certainly a good thing.

Journey is set to release in Spring 2012, exclusively for the PS3

Source: PlayStation Blog