thatgamecompany Wants to Take PS3 Gamers on a 'Journey'

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Jenova Chen and the crew at thatgamecompany have just released the first trailer for their next PlayStation 3 exclusive, Journey. We’ve come to expect a few things from thatgamecompany. These include a unique overall aesthetic, a simple yet deep gameplay experience, and a serene beauty that permeates every aspect of the work. After watching the trailer, it would appear that Journey is set to deliver those same cornerstones that the developer thrives on.

Details are still scarce for the game. Journey starts with the character waking up in the middle of a desert and making his or her way to a mountain in the distance. That’s it. However, when the game was unveiled at E3, Chen did have some interesting themes in mind for the game to explore. It sounds as though recapturing a sense of wonder through vulnerability and isolation will play heavily into the game.

Take a look at the Journey trailer:

The game features an online component that is also wrapped  mystery. Again, Chen alluded to the idea of the game utilizing the unknown to help players react to the game, and possibly to other players. Perhaps the game will feature an always-connected style of online play similar to Demon’s Souls and allow players’ paths to cross organically. Maybe this could lead to cooperative play if gamers choose to do so.

Visually, the game’s color palette is a little more muted when compared to the developer’s previous efforts, flOw and Flower. The desolate, run-down look of the world, combined with crumbling towers and artifacts of a place once inhabited certainly looks like it could have been inspired by Team Ico’s work. There are indeed flavors of Shadow of the Colossus apparent here.

Regardless of visual inspiration, the trailer hits all the right notes in building curiosity and intrigue for the game. The little that has been said about the game only adds to the mystery, and it would seem that thatgamecompany has another potential indie darling hit on their hands.

Did the trailer for Journey pique your interest at all? Are you too busy thinking about another upcoming game that takes place in the desert, or is thatgamecompany’s resume enough to make you set aside some money for this one right now?

Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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