'Journey' Development Finished; Release Date Coming Soon

Journey Development Complete

thatgamecompany is known for making some of the most unique experiences in the industry, and today they have announced that their latest project, Journey is finally complete.

The company's co founder and Journey's Creative Director, Jenova Chen tweeted this morning that development of the anticipated PSN title had finally finished. Unfortunately, Chen cannot specify a release date, as that is in the hands of Sony.

After coming out of its closed beta, Journey received an estimated Spring 2012 release, meaning that we should expect to hear about the actual date in the near future. Hopefully pricing details will be revealed soon as well.

“Sony’s working on it. Quite a few big releases are coming up. Once Sony figure out the right time, they will announce it. I assume pretty soon.”

While it seems we can expect to hear of the release date soon, Chen's tweet makes it sound like it will be just a bit longer until the game releases. As the highly regarded developer points out, there are many big releases on the horizon. It seems to imply that Sony might want to wait until things have calmed down and they can release the title in a less congested period. This seems likely, after all, I doubt such a unique PSN title is going to be able to go toe to toe with the likes of Mass Effect 3. Then again, after the success of thatgamecompany's previous title, Flower, maybe Journey will be able to stand its own ground, seeing as many gamers will probably recognize the development team.

So, what's left to do for those anticipating Journey? The only logical thing: watch this beta footage.

Journey is in development for the PS3.


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Source: Kotaku

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