After being quickly shown during a Sony E3 2012 sizzle reel, Journey: Collector’s Edition has been officially confirmed by developer, thatgamecompany. Best known for their downloadable PSN titles, Journey: Collector’s Edition will be thatgamecompany’s first physical release and will include their 2006 and 2009 releases, flOw and Flower, and their most recent video game, Journey.

Since E3, details concerning Journey: Collector’s Edition have been virtually nonexistent aside from the quick snippet of footage that was shown at the expo. Thatgamingcompany officially confirmed yesterday what was hinted at by listings that appeared not long ago on GameFly and Play-Asia: JourneyflOw, and Flower will be making their way to the PlayStation 3 together on one disc. The existence of the collector’s edition was first mentioned in a tweet posted early today by thatgamecompany. The developer then later issued an official statement to Joystiq that confirmed that the collector’s edition is, indeed, a real thing.

“Yes, the Journey Collector’s Edition is a thing. We can’t say too many things about it, but we’ll have the full details on it soon, and the details will be awesome.”

Aside from the confirmation from thatgamecompany that the compilation is coming, the “awesome” details remain scarce.  The previously mentioned listings on GameFly and Play-Asia do provide an August 2012 time frame for release, and GameFly gives an even more specific date of August 28.  At this point any release date remains speculation and will more than likely remain that way until another announcement is made by thatgamecompany.

This is a collector’s edition that is hard to beat: Journey received critical and public acclaim (we gave it 4-out-of-5 in our own Journey review) for its innovative gameplay and became the fastest selling PSN title ever shortly after its release in March 2012. Flower was selected to be part of the The Art of Video Games exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and flOw was the most downloaded PSN game in 2007.

Releasing these titles together is a very smart move for thatgamecompany. Not only does it allow gamers who haven’t tried these titles out to pick up three fantastically crafted and innovative games all at once, it also gives those who don’t have access to the PlayStation Network a chance to grab three of the most critically acclaimed downloadable titles of this generation.

For the Ranters out there who don’t already these games, are you more likely to check them out now that they are coming out on one disc and for those who do have them, are you willing to shell out the extra cash to have a physical copy of all three titles?

Journey, flOw, and Flower are currently available for the PlayStation 3 via PSN.

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