Thatgamecompany’s Journey is about to come full circle. After reviews, like our own, praising it as “joyous¬†exploration of what games can accomplish and convey”; sales establishing it as the fastest-selling PSN title of all time (surpassing Infamous: Festival of Blood); and early subliminal nominations to many a year-in-review award contest; the developer is ready to roll out a collector’s edition for its PS3 adventure.

Releasing on the PlayStation Network on August 28 in one $30 package, the Journey Collector’s Edition might be eponymously named after thatgamecompany’s third, and most acclaimed production, but the full-sized package offers way more than the title suggests.

Harmoniously announced with developer’s the trailer below, players who purchase the Journey Collector’s Edition receive all three thatgamecompany titles – Journey, Flower, and FlOw – as well as an embarrassment of bonus riches to supplement the experience:

  • 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Journey
  • Creator Commentary play-throughs of all three games
  • Three exclusive mini-games from thatgamecompany
  • Concept art and screenshot galleries for all three games
  • Original soundtracks for all three games
  • PS3 dynamic themes and wallpapers
  • PSN avatars including 8 exclusive new Journey avatars never released before
  • Official game trailers and developer diary videos
  • Reversible cover art


Speedy sales aside, there’s no getting around it: Journey cultivated a distinct type of audience. It’s intricate desert setting is anything but thirsty for artistic beauty, but its wordless narrative, subdued control interface, incognito multiplayer interactions and equally anonymous protagonist are the antithesis of what appeals to the fanbase of today’s big-budget shooters. Thatgamecompany is hoping the new players brought in to their creatively inspired worlds of Journey, Flower, and FlOw will gain a greater appreciation for their modus operandi after playing through the Creator Commentary sequences of each:

We are particularly excited about the Creator Commentary play-throughs of all three games, because we get to share with players insights about flOw, Flower, and Journey straight from the minds of the designers, artists, engineers and composers who worked together to make these games so special.

Ranters, when Journey was released, we heard some of you voice concerns about its value: a $15 expense¬† for 3 hours of singleplayer gameplay that isn’t exactly infinitely renewable. For just twice that price and about 20 times the content, does the Journey Collector’s Edition feel like the time to take the journey leap?

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Source: thatgamecompany