Despite enormous brand recognition, and love for their immense library of exclusive characters and games, Nintendo gets a lot of negative buzz in the industry these days. Consider the popularity of the Wii among casual players, most of the criticisms stem from long-time gamers who feel as though, given the motion gaming focus of the Wii (as well as innovation over next-generation-power approach of the Wii U), Nintendo is no longer in touch with many of their more mature (i.e. non-kid-friendly) customers.

However, in what could be one of the publishers most enjoyable pieces of marketing in recent memory, the Big N turned to Community star Joel McHale for a “viral” video promoting the 3DS as well as other pieces of Nintendo branding.

The viral video titled, “Joel McHale Goes Viral for Nintendo” features the comedian’s now standard “too cool for you” style – along with plenty of memorable moments and one liners that a) unsurprisingly, poke fun at viral video marketing trends as well as b) surprisingly, poke fun at Nintendo – which is notorious, despite lovable characters and kid-friendly approach to the industry, for taking itself pretty seriously: “We partnered with Joel McHale to bring the funny to this video (not) about Nintendo 3DS. How subtle can he be?!”

Check out the video below:

In case you can’t watch the video right now, McHale definitely covers a lot of ground here. Included in the viral footage:

  • Lamentations over not having the opportunity to force a baby panda into sneezing.
  • Subtle but obvious product placement that, by his own admission, would lose the trust of the audience.
  • Tyler, a Stanford intern, gets kicked in the balls.
  • 3DS Models in a variety of (bikini) colors.

Whether or not fans of McHale, Community, or viral videos will actually be inspired to pick-up a 3DS is anyone’s guess. However, regardless, the video is certainly a fun escape from Nintendo’s typical, and downright awkward, PR approach – which is usually inundated with cartoon gameplay footage and some of the most embarrassing E3 keynotes to date.

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The Nintendo 3DS is available now in stores. Community airs Thursday nights on NBC.

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