Hello Games‘ first project arrived on the PlayStation Network in 2010, and it was aptly called Joe Danger. The title starred a washed up stuntman trying to get back into the spotlight, and PS3 gamers embraced the original enough to warrant an enhanced port to Xbox 360 and, more importantly, a direct sequel. Joe Danger 2 The Movie only just arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace this month, but PS3 owners have been longing for the chance to get behind the handlebars as the infamous Joe Danger once more.

They’ll finally be able to do that too, because Joe Danger 2 The Movie will be available for download via PSN in the not too distant future.

Hello Games announced that their pudgy stuntman will be bringing his big Hollywood debut to the PlayStation 3 in the coming weeks. While that’s great news for fans of the original dying to get their hands on this blockbuster installment, there’s some special content that the game’s developer has whipped up just for their loyal fans. As a reward for their patience, Hello Games will include 10 hours worth of extra content in the PS3 version of Joe Danger 2.

Details on the ample amount of additional content is still being kept under wraps, but Hello Games’ Sean Murray says that it will feature more motorcycle gameplay — something that many critics felt that the game was lacking. Of course, Game Rant‘s review of Joe Danger 2 The Movie found that the additional vehicles helped break up the monotony of the original, but sections that require players to drive a motorcycle were easily still some of the best portions of the entire game.

Hello Games still hasn’t set a firm date on when fans can expect Joe Danger 2 to crash onto the PS3, but the downloadable stunt-filled romp should be available within the next few weeks.

Joe Danger 2 The Movie is available right now on XBLA.

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