Everyone’s favorite dare devil may not have his/her very own video game, but the fictional thrill-seeker Joe Danger does. After returning to the spotlight in the first game, appropriately titled Joe Danger, the husky adrenaline addict is back at it again in the direct sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The developers at Hello Games have been hard at work on the project, and they’ve just released the first trailer for the much-anticipated indie title.

As is evident by the trailer, there is a much deeper range of content in Joe’s latest outing. The trailer shows off only a sliver of all the action in Joe Danger 2, and that’s saying something considering gamers witness Mr. Danger skiing away from an avalanche, as well as fighting robots and dinosaurs — all while busting out some gnarly tricks!

Joe Danger: The Movie features a grand total of 50 playable characters, 20 different vehicles, 100 levels; on top of a level editor and multiplayer. The upgraded level editor features online level sharing, and creative players can even create their very own scenes. Want to make a robot fight club? Go for it! Feeling the need to rescue a damsel from evil monkeys wearing jetpacks? Sure, why not! Your imagine is the limit, and that’s a very exciting premise.

Joe Danger 2 The Movie Trailer

If you think this looks frantic… you ain’t seen nothing yet.

When we got our hands on Joe Danger: The Movie a few months ago at E3, we loved it so much that we ended up giving it Game Rant‘s Best Indie Game award. It was one of the few experiences where we walked away smiling from; in fact, it was so enjoyable that we felt the need to go back and play some more in between appointments.

Gamers attending next week’s Gamescom can experience the euphoric arcade title themselves in Hall 7, Booth C020.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie will be available later this Fall as a timed exclusive for XBLA.

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