Overwatch may be making waves this week with potential new character hints being dropped left, right, and center, but it’s clear that Blizzard isn’t the only developer hungry to show off more content hyping up the the popular multiplayer title. Today, Owlchemy Labs employee Zi Ye showed off a fantastic ‘weekend project’ from the studio that takes place within Owlchemy Labs’ own Job Simulator, a humorous VR experience that turns absurdly mundane-sounding tasks into a fun time. As the tweet below shows, that task is evidently made easier if one incorporates Overwatch into the daily routine.

Zi Ye’s look at the last few days of creative fun by Olwchemy Labs reveals that the studio added everything from office-supply based renditions of Widowmaker’s rifle to Reaper’s twin guns into Job Simulator, and the unconventional Overwatch tie in doesn’t slow down from there: everything from a freezie-pop version of Mei’s freezing weapon to some impressive ninja rope movement (which Zi Ye admits doesn’t feel too great on the scale of motion sickness-inducing gameplay) manages to get crammed into the minute-and-a-half long video, which its certainly worth a view for fans of either game.

Interested gamers can check out the Job Simulator / Overwatch combination below:

Zi Ye may have spent his last weekend back in Job Simulator, but his Twitter bio reveals that the Owlchemy Labs developer is currently working hard on the upcoming Rick and Morty Simulator, where gamers will be able to join both characters on an adventure and, we can only hope, hang out with Bird Man before the whole Tammy scenario goes down. It’s worth noting that Rick and Morty‘s own Justin Roiland has also started a videogame studio appropriately titled Squanchtendo, and that studio’s first game is filled to the brim with his trademark (read: horrifying) humor.

As the clock winds down on the 24th Overwatch hero reveal, one thing has to be said in regards to the above video, specifically to Zi Ye and the rest of Owlchemy Labs: Good job, humans!

What do you think of the video, Ranters?

Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Job Simulator is available for PC and PlayStation 4.