Earlier this week, we hypothesized that The Phantom Pain would finally be confirmed as either Metal Gear Solid 5, or part of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. We were led to believe such a reveal was forthcoming after Geoff Keighley announced he had an exclusive interview with Phantom Pain developer Moby Dick Studio‘s CEO Joakim Mogren.

However, the interview that transpired further fed the speculation and mystery surrounding Phantom Pain, and sent MGS fans even deeper down the rabbit hole. Now, there are some theories circulating that suggest Mogren isn’t actually a real person, but is a creation of Kojima’s Fox Engine. (Yes, really)

But before getting that far ahead, let’s first address the Keighley interview (which is now up on GameTrailers). In it, Mogren showed up in a full facial bandage, obviously to hide the fact he’s not a real person.

When prodded about Phantom Pain and any perceived Metal Gear Solid 5 connections, Mogren deflected questions like Wonder Woman in a drive-by. He did, however, reveal that all the details surrounding Phantom Pain would be uncovered at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.

He also showed some new screenshots from Phantom Pain, but at a glance they look like screen caps from the Phantom Pain trailer, not anything new. Basically the interview was a complete waste of time, and only further convoluted the mystery.

Now here’s where things get really weird. Over on NeoGAF a new theory is circulating that suggests the Mogren we see in the interview is in fact a creation of Kojima Productions‘ Fox Engine. We are not kidding, there are several forum pages dedicated to explaining whether or not a person is “real.” That’s how far we this has gone.

Joakim Mogren Bandage Face

It’s hard to judge, but it is true we never see both Keighley and Mogren in the same frame, and something does feel pretty “off” about Mogren in general. That could, however, just be from the fact the interview is one big PR stunt, and is only meant to stoke the fires of curious fans everywhere.

That said, it seems really strange that Keighley would be in on the joke for this long. Something tells us that Kojima has been playing everyone all along, that the Mogren who showed up is just some paid actor, and that at GDC we’ll get the big confirmation.

Picture this: a bandaged person, claiming to be Mogren, comes out on stage. He removes the bandages, only to unveil that “he was Kojima all along.” And then a new trailer rolls. Sound like a Metal Gear Solid 5 reveal? We think so.

Are you tired of the Phantom Pain mystery? Or do you enjoy Kojima playing with fans’ minds?

Source: GameTrailers, NeoGAF