'Marvel vs. Capcom 3' Jill Valentine Gameplay Video and Screens

Jill Valentine Marvel vs Capcom Gameplay Video Screenshots

We had previously told you that an industrious hacker had managed to uncover and rebuild Jill Valentine's character data from the PS3 version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Now, footage of the Resident Evil heroine in action has made it online, and she looks just as stunning and dangerous in live-action as she does in the available screenshots.

While some had initially thought that presence of Valentine's code on the game disc was proof that Capcom had in fact sold the game with her character already completed in an attempt to milk a few eager gamers of some extra cash at a later date. We tend to look down upon the practice of selling fans the opportunity to gain access to content they technically already purchased, but as the hacker in question has noted, Jill is far from finished.

By swapping her character into the spot held by Viewtiful Joe, it could be seen that her audio assets were far from complete, and her attacks still required a significant amount of balancing. What had initially been thought of as damning proof of Capcom deceiving players into picking up the Special Edition of the game now isn't so clear cut.

If Valentine is unfinished, then it only makes sense for the developer to ship the game with the assets they had completed, and merely release the finishing touches later. Perhaps some jumped to assumptions too quickly.

Even if Jill isn't 100% complete, seeing her in action may convince owners and fans of the franchise that her character is a must-purchase. The video description warns that the combat mvoes and special attacks are not officially confirmed for the final version, but Jill's melee moves and animations are a faithful approximation of what we can expect.

Have a look at the unofficial gameplay video of Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

Whether or not you think the developers have done the heroine justice, she does seem able to compete with many others in the game's expansive roster. Seeing Jill in action is confirmation enough that she hasn't been an afterthought, but for those more interested in the finer points of the characters we've got some screenshots you need to see.

Luckily, the aforementioned hacker decided to try Jill out in combat, and has posted an extensive gallery of her various combat moves and hyper attacks. Since we all know how much Capcom loves their alternate costumes, we've got a look at Jill's as well.

Capcom has released official shots of Valentine, but these screens from Shoryuken give a much better idea of how players will be able to turn the woman into a weapon in hand-to-hand combat with detailed descriptions of each of her combos and attacks:

[gallery exclude="68655" columns="2"]

The finished product will undoubtedly be better, but if the cast of fighters currently available leave you wanting more, trust that mosre choices are on the way. As unlikely as that is, the same helpful hacker is currently working on getting Shuma Gorath into a playable version as well.

Whenever that happens, we'll bring you all of the tentacle-filled screens and video that your hearts could desire.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is available in stores now.

Source: Shoryuken

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