Well, we all knew this day would come. The polarizing cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore has already conquered the continental United States, and as of last night have now moved onto the first leg of their European campaign. But while the cast is spending their time starting all kinds of havoc in Italy, Xbox 360 fans are now able to get a little piece of the cultural sensation for their very own Xbox Live avatar, thanks to a brand new range of Jersey Shore avatar items. And yes, the abs are included.

The lines between the Shore and gaming have been blurred before, with cast appearances in Yoostar on MTV, and the awe-inspiring old school RPG incarnation of the series. But now fans of the show can make their love clear to their entire list of Xbox Live friends, if they’re willing to dish out the dollars to do it.

If you’re not a fan of the series, the meaning of these items will be lost on you. But for the hardcore fan base, the selection of Xbox Live avatar items will be like ‘Jersday’ come early:

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that by the time the weekend ends, there will be more than just Jersey Shore fans sporting the Situation’s abs and Paulie D’s blowout, but we could be wrong. There will be some who immediately scoff at MTV and Microsoft for so blatantly throwing some avatar items into the Xbox Live Marketplace to make a quick buck off a popular franchise, but those people likely haven’t spent much time looking at the other items for sale.

Whether you love or hate the show, there’s nothing wrong with letting fans show their sense of humor and passion online for a price that is, sadly, much lower than MTV could have gotten away with. Ranging from 80 to 160 Microsoft Points, these items are still among the cheapest branded items available for avatars, and may be just what some Xbox fans have been waiting for.

Will you be picking up your own set of abs or stunner shades this weekend? Or do you have yet another reason to avoid the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace?

The Jersey Shore avatar items are available now, exclusively on Xbox Live.

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Source: Xbox Marketplace

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