Jeopardy Contestants Fail at Answering Video Game Questions

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In the past, the game show Jeopardy! has featured some questions about video games, including a question about The Last of Us and an entire category about classic video games. While contestants have succeeded in answering some video game-related questions in the past, the most recent incident where Jeopardy! featured a video games category saw most of the contestants completely stumped.

It was no accident that the contestants left the video games category for last, as none of them really seemed to know much about the gaming industry at all. Questions (technically "answers" in Jeopardy!-speak) included references to Disney InfinityThe Elder ScrollsDestiny 2Joust, and even Fortnite and the battle royale genre in general. The only question that the Jeopardy! contestants answered correctly was about Disney Infinity, and that could be attributed to the references to Disney and Pixar films.

It's clear that none of these Jeopardy! contestants have really played many video games in their lives, or at least are not very knowledgeable about even mainstream titles. While the video games category may not have been good for the contestants on the show, gamers may at least get some laughs from the clip.

Check out some Jeopardy! contestants completely fail at answering video game questions:

Jeopardy! itself seems to have rather enjoyed this moment, with Alex Trebek clearly amused by the contestants' inability to answer any of the questions. The Jeopardy! Twitter account also reached out to Epic Games, suggesting that it adds an Alex Trebek skin to Fortnite that would be called "Handsome Host."

While it seems unlikely, it's not completely impossible for Fortnite to add an Alex Trebek skin to the game. In the past, Epic has incorporated numerous real world people and dances to the character customization options in Fortnite. Epic has also included some fictional characters, like John Wick, for instance.

Whether or not Epic adds an Alex Trebek skin to Fortnite remains to be seen, but in the meantime, Fortnite fans have plenty of new skins to unlock as part of the game's recently added Season 6.

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