Jay Leno Stars In 'Modern Warfare 3' Commercial... Sort Of

Jay Leno The Vet and The Noob

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past could of weeks, then you've probably seen the Vet and the Noob trailer for Modern Warfare 3. You know, that one that stars Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill? Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show, wants in on the action and has placed himself in a Modern Warfare 3 trailer.

As is customary with The Tonight Show, the team at Burbank have replaced Jonah Hill with Jay Leno as the loveable noob. As is also customary with the tonight show, the spot isn't particularily hilarious, but it will elict a chuckle out of most Call of Duty fans, especially when viewers see Leno take out Letterman's studio with and RPG.

Not many people may have cheered when Jay asked "who here is a gamer?" - this isn't Jimmy Fallon's show after all - but at least the millions of Call of Duty fans on the internet will be able to appreciate it.

Check out the video below:


The best part of the trailer though is probably NBC's description of it: "Jay Leno takes out Letterman's studio in the new Call of Duty 3". Maybe one shouldn't throw too much criticism their way as NBC - and The Tonight Show by extension - is hardly a video game centric news source, but the error is still worth a laugh, especially because Call of Duty 3 released in 2006.

In a way, while some may not find this spot all that funny it does mean something good for video games: mainstream recognition. Video games are never given the same recognition as books or films (unless of course one is portraying games in a negative light), and with an ever growing presence in the media, seeing Jay Leno tossing a frag could actually do more to help gaming than we think. The trailer has no doubt brought Modern Warfare 3 to the attention of many people who wouldn't have played the game before, or even heard of it.


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Source: NBC

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