'Rock Band 3' Pro Guitar Trailer, We're Not Worthy

Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar

The trailer is more of a 5-minute docu-trailer, really, as it features Harmonix top dogs Alex Rigopulos, Todd Baker, Daniel Sussman and Sylvain Dubrofsky as they describe the two different types of 'Pro Mode' guitars that have been built specifically to play Rock Band 3's Pro Mode.


If anything the trailer should help solidify the mental image you've been building in your mind as to how the finished product works and how the game conveys your note-presses on the runway. What I can't get over myself is how incredibly complex it looks. I'm fairly certain that once you sit down with the game and let it lead you through gradually more complicated tracks the learning will come somewhat naturally. Nevertheless, the in-game footage shown in the video is more than a little intimidating.

Deserving of mad props is Harmonix, of course, who has evolved their own invention and taken it to its natural conclusion: as a tool that will entertain and teach people how to play real musical instruments. By offering a combo game controller and actual electric guitar for the more technical players, and bridging the gap between the super-complex and the bright primary-colored square buttons of previous Guitar Hero games with a guitar that has buttons that imitate frets, I think Harmonix has covered pretty much all levels of entry for aspiring rock gods.

What do you say, Ranters? Firstly, are you picking up Rock Band 3? And if so, which guitar are you buying? If you're going Pro, remember that your DLC will cost $1 more than the non-Pro version.

Rock Band 3 hits store shelves on Tuesday, October 26th for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS.

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