Jamie Lee Curtis Secretly Cosplays As Street Fighter’s Vega at Evo 2015

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Summer is the height of convention season, which also makes it the height of awesome cosplay season. In the last few years it has become tradition for some geeky celebrities to blend in amongst the crowd of cosplayers and enjoy comic cons and gaming conventions without being approached by fans all day. MythBusters’ Adam Savage has made a tradition out of stealthing into Comic Con every year, but this summer a very surprising celebrity used some Street Fighter cover to enjoy a weekend at Evo.

With Street Fighter 5 arriving in early 2016, early details about the game’s roster are starting to leak out and hype for the game is beginning to build. Many fans of the franchise were at the annual Evo Championship Tournament over the weekend to watch gamers compete for the top prize and among those fans was former Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis and her immediate family.

Curtis attended Evo with her son and took on the role of Vega to keep her face hidden throughout most of the day. The trip was a high school graduation gift for her son, but other members of the family joined in, as well. Her husband can be seen in the picture rocking the Tekken Doctor Bosconovitch costume…

Curtis mentioned that she was planning the trip in an interview earlier this year, so some fans could have been on the lookout for her. While promoting her film, Spare Parts, she explained that although the trip was a gift for her son, she’s also a die hard fan. She claims that she has played “more Street Fighter than you will ever know.”

Although Curtis is clearly a Street Fighter fan, it would be awesome to see her old nemesis Michael Myers show up as a DLC character in a future Mortal Kombat installment. The series has a new trend of adding horror icons to its universe and although Curtis’ Laurie Strode character is more of a runner than a fighter in most of the Halloween films, NetherRealms could also offer a Laurie skin for one of the existing fighters (similar to the Carl Weathers companion skin to the Predator).

What do you think of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Vega costume? What other celebrities do you think are secretly roaming around con floors? Let us know in the comments.

Street Fighter 5 will release in March 2016 as a PS4 and PC exclusive.

Source: Twitter