Though a vast majority of gamers are still sifting through the ton of game content that was revealed at E3 2011, publishers and developers have turned their attention towards Comic-Con for the next slew of reveals. While we already know that the likes of Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 will be making appearances, two new contenders, Rocksteady Studios and Activision, have added their name to the growing list.

For Rocksteady Studios, Comic-Con could be the last major event to get a juicy Batman: Arkham City reveal before the game’s release in October. Set to appear as part of the game’s panel, the iconic voices of Batman and Joker (Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil) will be in attendance perhaps with a new trailer in tow.

According to some clever detective work on the part of’s readership, some cryptic messages from Rocksteady were revealed to be hinting towards the developer bringing a new video to San Diego. Whether or not there will be a new villain revealed, or just a comprehensive discussion of the game is unclear, but Arkham City will definitely be a major presence.

On the other side of the coin is Activision who is bringing a ton of superhero-themed and inspired content to the Con, along with a rumored reveal of the next James Bond adventure. Spider-Man: Edge of Time, X-Men Destiny, and Prototype 2 will all be there for the convention goers to check out, but we are most curious about this next OO7 game.

Previous rumors — like the registration of a Goldeneye Reloaded URL — have hinted towards Activision releasing an HD version of their recent Goldeneye reimagining for the Wii, but it is unclear if that is what Activision is bringing to the event.

Goldeneye 007 at Comic-Con

With Daniel Craig in attendance to promote Cowboys and Aliens, there is the potential for a really big James Bond reveal whether it’s an entirely new title or Goldeneye 007 with an HD facelift.

There’s sill a ton more video game-related content on the docket for this year’s Comic-Con both on the creation of games and about specific titles. For all the news on the big reveals, stick tuned to Game Rant during Comic-Con.

What do you hope is part of the Arkham City panel at Comic-Con? Would you be more interested in seeing Goldeneye 007 come to the PS3 and Xbox 360 or a completely new James Bond adventure?

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