Raven Software, legendary developers of HeXeN, Soldier of Fortune and recent offerings Wolfenstein and Singularity may now be working on the next James Bond 007 game. Fan-site MI6 is reporting that Activision has green-lighted development, after it was frozen due to the recent MGM bankruptcy and subsequent Bond IP pinball. The development team was working on Call of Duty: Black Ops map packs prior to this announcement, which could mean Black Ops fans have something to look forward to in the near future.

The James Bond game is said to be a stealth shooter, naturally, and no other details were discussed. With the success of the Wii GoldenEye remake, and the failures of James Bond 007: Blood Stone, who knows what Activision might do with the next James Bond. It will more than likely feature Daniel Craig, since he’s still the face of the franchise, but whether the game is tied to an older movie’s plot or potentially a tie-in to the new movie in work is yet to be seen.

Bizarre Creations, developers of Blood Stone, is in the process of being closed by Activision. As the developers of Geometry Wars and the hugely popular franchise Project Gotham Racing, it was particularly startling to hear of the companies troubles. Raven Software, a studio also with a storied past that has yet to find its voice among the latest generation of consoles, likely feels the heat inheriting the IP. Is the Bond franchise Activision’s way of testing underperforming developers? An IP that’s typically profitable whether a game is good or bad?

With news that the Bond 23 movie is back in track, with the addition of Director Sam Mendes, it’s almost certain Activision has a James Bond game in the works. Raven Software seems like a very viable candidate for such a game. Gamers should expect something very high quality out of this studio.

Are you excited for more James Bond action, Ranters? What do you think about Raven Software being behind the next 007 game? Any worries?

Source: MI6 (via Develop)