New 'James Bond 007: Blood Stone' Trailer Gives Multiplayer Details

James Bond Blood Stone

With the movie franchise currently on hold, our greatest chance of experiencing a breathtaking James Bond storyline is through video games. For those who were left high and dry after Quantum of Solace, the next best bet is James Bond 007: Blood Stone. In a new trailer released by developer Bizarre Creations we learn a bit more about Blood Stone’s plot as well as getting our first look at the game's multiplayer.

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While Blood Stone doesn’t look like it's attempting to reinvent the wheel, the story certainly sounds like it has potential. If handled with care, the mixture of driving, hand to hand, and gun combat could make for another compelling entry in the James Bond lexicon. The storyline, penned by Bruce Feirstein, the man responsible for writing many of the Brosnan Bond films, feels too generic and, quite frankly, boring to supplant what we might receive from a feature film but I hold out final judgment until I know more.

Multiplayer in Blood Stone isn’t exactly the deathmatch style of game play we were expecting or even the high octane racing combat we witnessed in Bizarre’s previous game, Blur. Instead it more closely resembles what we just revealed for Dead Space  2. Multiplayer matches consist of 8-on-8 objective based modes that see the MI6 attempting to succeed at some goal while the other team attempts to thwart them.

If nothing else can be said about the our iconic spy with a license to kill it is that he will be appearing quite a bit during the coming months. With both Blood Stone and a reimagining of GoldenEye set for release before the year’s end, gamers will have their fill of Daniel Craig’s chiseled mug. While neither are tremendously progressive leaps for the franchise, the established fanbase behind James Bond is sure to move units. A lot of what Bizarre is attempting to do with this franchise relies more on the storytelling and has less to do with bringing the game franchise into new territory. I, for one, will never bet against agent 007.

What do you think of Bizarre's decision to make Blood Stone’s multiplayer objective based? Would you have preferred some form of deathmatch, or do you find this option suitable?

James Bond 007: Blood Stone is set for release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in November.

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