Behind the Scenes Look at James Bond 007: Blood Stone's Vehicles

James Bond 007 Blood Stone Vehicles and Driving Trailer

We’ve shown you what the hand-to-hand combat of James Bond 007: Blood Stone will be like, so it’s now time to get into the most exciting part of the game: the vehicles. The developers of the game, Bizarre Creations, are known for their high octane explosion friendly driving games, so it is no surprise that those elements will be making an appearance in Blood Stone. The development team has been kind enough to even walk gamers through what they will experience in a new behind the scenes trailer.

As James Bond tries to uncover a diabolical plot involving biochemical weapons, he is tasked with getting behind the wheel of a wide variety of vehicles. Driving in the game looks to have a lot of visual flair to it. Explosions, quick turns, and newly formed obstacles will add new changes of pace to the gameplay. This is something we have come to expect from Bizarre Creations.

Along with the trademark Aston Martin (young and old), Bond, in an early sequence in the game, will have to maneuver a speedboat through a docking bay filled with over-sized yachts. Another sequence will see James Bond not driving an airplane but jumping out of one, adding another new vehicle to the already large list.


Given Bizarre’s pedigree I wouldn’t be surprised if the driving missions seemed like they had a bit more polish than the other sequences in the game. While I am confident that the developer can deliver the visceral experience we have come to expect from the Daniel Craig iteration of Bond, those areas don’t seem to have as much life contained within them as the driving sections. But, put me behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, give me three or four martinis, and I am ready for some vehicular destruction.

Which element of James Bond 007: Blood Stone are you most looking forward to, based on the trailers we have seen? The driving? The hand-to-hand combat? The shooting?

James Bond 007: Blood Stone says no to drinking and driving on November 2nd for the PS3, PC, Xbox 360, and DS.

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